Queen's Learning Outcomes Assessment

Learning Outcomes Project
Learning Outcomes Project

Value of the project

Word-cloud generated from instructor feedbackWe have had very positive comments from instructors during our end-of-year debrief sessions, regarding involvement in the project and the feedback they received.

"I feel like we got something of immense value for free, from our departmental point. Right? Like we just got a huge amount of valuable information for instructional design that's like gold. And it was outstandingly valuable, really exciting”.

"What's more valuable is a separate set of eyes on this. Like, I've been assessing this assignment for five years using it in the other course, but it's taken me five years, what it took one go around to realize.”

It is valuable to know where students are at in terms of the cognitive skills of critical thinking, problem solving, written communication, and lifelong learning but more importantly we need to know how well we are fostering and developing these skills.

Working with the instructors participating in the learning outcomes research we have found that the alignment of teaching, learning and assessment is necessary to enable the measurement of cognitive skills within these courses.The most successful strategy has been to facilitate student engagement with tasks that specifically encourage critical thinking and problem solving.