Queen's Learning Outcomes Assessment

Learning Outcomes Project
Learning Outcomes Project

3. Creating the rubric

START: Identify the year group and department

Step 1:

Select the assignment type

Consider is the cognitive skill set that aligns most closely with what the task is intended to elicit.Critical thinking; Creative thinking; Problem solving

Step 2:

Define the assignment topic

Describe the content and context that the learners will be engaging with.

Note: The description provided here will be incorporated into the rubric.

Step 3:

Deciding on the assessment dimensions

Dimensions are the breakdown elements of the cognitive skill. For skill development, coverage of all dimensions is suggested.

Step 4:

Select the assessment components

Select the assessment components that are applicable to the assignment type and topic. Text enlarges when component has been selected.

Step 5:

Edit rubric scaffold to semantic preferences

The rubric app auto-fills from the choices selected. The edit function allows for fine tuning of language. The levels displayed (developing, accomplished or advanced) are dependent on the year group identified.