Queen's Learning Outcomes Assessment

Learning Outcomes Project
Learning Outcomes Project

Transforming Education, Stimulating Teaching and Learning Excellence


This is a longitudinal study supported by NSF funding with the goal of expanding and supporting the adoption of empirically-validated instructional methods in undergraduate courses, and improving student learning outcomes in those courses. A network of seven universities, led by Kansas University (KU), will test the efficacy of Postdoctoral scholars, or leaders within departments helping to transform courses around research-based educational practices.

The specific aims of the project are to:

  1. Evaluate the efficacy of this intervention model in promoting widespread, sustained changes in teaching practices and culture, and
  2. Determine whether the changes in teaching practices are associated with improved student learning and success in transformed courses.













The project utilizes multiple qualitative and quantitative measures to establish baselines, identify trends, track changes, evaluate progress and assess effectiveness. These include: 

  • Departmental case study
  • Teaching practices survey
  • Document study, and course tracking
  • Instructor- student interaction
    • Classroom observation using COPUS- Classroom Observation Protocol
    • Lab observations using LOPUS- descriptors


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