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Applying for access to the QRDC

Application Process

To access the detailed microdata in the Research Data Centres, researchers submit a project proposal to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Statistics Canada. Individual researchers or research teams led by a principal applicant may apply.

Access to the RDC is limited to those with projects approved by Statistics Canada. Before applying to an RDC, you will have to show that your research cannot be conducted using Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs) available through the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI). Access to DLI PUMFS at Queen's is available through the ODESI data portal.

New Procedure for Deeming International Researchers

The following are required for international researchers to become deemed employees of Statistics Canada:

  1. International researchers must have a co-investigator that is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. The co-investigator must be affiliated with a Canadian university and cannot be a Statistics Canada employee.
  2. The international researcher will be required to provide a reference letter.
  3. International researchers who are students will also be required to provide a letter of acknowledgement from their Dean of Graduate Studies.

The following documents describe this process in more detail and provide sample letters for your convenience.