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Information for Students

Many students prefer to use the services of a well-informed education agent to help them find information about educational institutions in Canada.

The agents featured in our agent list, are official representatives of Queen's School of English (QSoE). Each one has submitted a proposal that outlines their company, and provided two references (schools or other educational institutions that their company represents). These agents have met our criteria for representation and have signed a contract with QSoE.

In some countries, we do not have official QSoE agents, but we do accept student applications submitted by independent agents.

If you are looking for an education agent in a country where we do not have official representatives, we suggest the following guidelines.

Look for an agency that:

  • Has information about Canada, the Canadian education system, and Canadian immigration policies and procedures
  • Has been in business a minimum of two years
  • Has a well equipped office, with Internet access, fax machine, etc.
  • Has an active website with helpful information
  • Is a member of your country’s governing body for education agents
  • Is a member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC)
  • Can speak your language and English well
  • Provides you with references of satisfied students they have helped
  • Asks you questions about where you want to study, what program of study you are looking for, and your budget
  • Does not push one or two schools or educational institutions, but offers many options to you

Please note: While QSoE appreciates the value of using the services of an education agent, we are not responsible for the actions of any education agent, whether they represent us officially or not.