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Pablo Andres Martin Gonzalez, Chile

What Program(s) did you enroll in? 

EAP Spring-Summer 2007


How long did you study at QSoE?

3 months


Why did you want to learn English?

I wanted to learn English because it's something very useful for employment opportunities. Also, I wanted to experience living in another country in order to learn new things.


What did you like about studying at QSoE?

I was surprised at the organization and the effort that everybody put in to ensure students maintained a balance between learning and enjoyment. Teachers and monitors are very skilled in their jobs and that was reflected in every activity and class I attended.


What did you like to do in your spare time in Kingston?

I had a group of friends that I enjoyed going out with. I also loved to shop at a music store in downtown Kingston which has a lot of vinyl discs and music books (I think half of my bags were full of vinyl discs when I came back!).


What is your favorite restaurant in Kingston?

Windmills for fancy food and 241 pizza for those “I-don't-want-to-cook” days.


Name one favourite memory from your time at QSoE?

It is hard to select one favourite memory when I enjoyed every moment of my studies! I especially remember when I played one of my songs at the Variety Night with a fellow QSoE student, Naz from Iran. As I said, if you wish to meet people and learn, your time spent studying at QSoE will be a great experience.


What are your personal experiences? What are you doing now? 

I am a Music Producer and I recently started working as a band manager. At my university I am an auxiliary teacher, I am part of the Student Center and the volleyball team. This year I will be writing a book about music in my country. In general, I am engaging in different areas of music and sound.


Any additional comments?

I am glad and proud to be a QSoE Student Ambassador in my country, and I look forward to encouraging students to learn English. It is a really good opportunity not only for the quality of the education itself but also for the great experience it provides.



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