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Mi Tang, China

What Program(s) did you enroll in? 

How long did you study at QSoE?   
2 months

Why did you want to learn English? 
I am interested in English, which is also what made me choose Canada to finish my undergraduate study.

What did you like about studying at QSoE? 
I loved that the class was small enough for every student to be cared about. Also, the environment that was favorable for me to learn English.

What did you like to do in your spare time in Kingston? 
I was into experiencing different restaurants in Kingston. Also, I loved walking along the lake with a bunch of friends.

What is your favourite restaurant in Kingston?   
Silver Wok!

Name one favourite memory from your time at the QSoE? 
It has to be the lunch that me and the others from my class had together on campus. It was pretty good even though we had to separate after the lunch.

What are your personal experiences? What are you doing now? 
I am studying at Queen’s as a second year econ major student and I have enjoyed it so far!

Any additional comments? 
School of English is the very place where your English could be enhanced greatly!