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Business Internship Program (BIP)

The Business Internship Program at Queen's School of English (QSoE) allows students to study English and gain work experience in Canada. We are one of the few Universities in Canada to offer this type of program. QSoE works with a wide variety of qualified employers so that we can offer a diverse range of unpaid placement opportunities. The primary purpose of this program is language education and cultural experience in the Canadian workplace context.

BIP workingQSoE created this program specifically for students who wish to improve their English language skills by practicing them in a Canadian workplace context. Students will build their English language skills in the classroom and put those skills to use in a workplace environment. The internships available are entry-level and ideal for post-secondary students and recent graduates.

Length of Program

  • 13-week program
  • Offered in the fall term only


  • Program participants must have a minimum TOEFL score of 71 iBT (530PBT/197 CBT) or 670 TOEIC to enter the program.
  • Students with a higher English proficiency level will benefit from learning professional etiquette and appropriate workplace oral communication.
  • Current QSoE students should achieve high standing in either ESLA 140 or ESLA 150 to be considered for the program.
  • Home country work experience preferred
  • Students are required to have both Study and Work Permits to enter this program.


  • Week 1-4: learning English in classroom (25.5 hours per week)
  • Week 5-7: half-days in class (15 hours/week) and half-days in work placement
  • Week 8-12: full-time work placement with online component
  • Week 13: learning English in classroom (25.5 hours per week)
  • QSoE staff visit each student at their workplace
  • Students are matched with the best available work placement
  • QSoE cannot guarantee placement in a specific field

General Types of Workplaces

  • Hospitality (hotel, conference centre)
  • Retail (coffee shop, computer store, bookstore)
  • Food services (sports bar, restaurant, bakery)
  • Office work (immigration, job centre, business program, athletic program)
  • Other (special requests are welcome but subject to availability)

By the end of the program, successful students will

  • look for, apply for and be interviewed for a job
  • write cover letters, resumes, professional emails, letters, envelopes, memos, and reports
  • communicate on the telephone, including calling, answering, and leaving and taking a message in a workplace setting
  • give formal presentations
  • participate in workplace meetings
  • understand Canadian employment culture, including health and safety concerns and human rights issues
  • relate to employers, coworkers and customers professionally
  • build and expand professional vocabulary with the necessary tools

In addition, successful students will:

  • gain approximately 227 hours  of Canadian employment experience
  • receive a letter of recommendation from a Canadian employer

Please note: Spaces for this program are limited and a minimum number of students is required for this program to run.

Additional Information for Students
  • Internships are unpaid.
  • Placement matches are based on individual student interests and skills and availability of work placements.
  • Students are provided with job descriptions for their placement matches prior to starting their internships. Each unpaid position is unique and involves different tasks and responsibilities.
  • Students are expected to treat their internship with the same degree of professionalism and seriousness as an employee of an organization.
Additional Information for Workplace Hosts
  • Organizations will benefit by having committed, reliable unpaid student interns join their team.
  • Organizations will gain international workplace perspectives and diversify the workplace.
  • The BIP program provides the opportunity to form long term professional relationships that go beyond the internship program.
  • Organizations who are interested in participating in this valuable program are welcome to contact us at soe@queensu.ca.