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English Proficiency Exam Waiver


A significant advantage of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program at Queen's School of English (QSoE) is the English proficiency exam waiver for application to Queen's University undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as to St. Lawrence College.

Admission to Queen's University

Admission to Undergraduate Programs

Students enrolled in the English for Academic Purposes Program, including the students who registered through the QBridge pathway, must achieve the following grades in order to meet the the Queen's English language proficiency requirements for undergraduate degree programs:

  • If a final grade of A- or higher in the ESLA 140 (Advanced) level or a final grade of B or higher in the ESLA 150 (University Preparation) level is achieved at the time of application, an English language test score may not be required.

Application Procedures (not applicable for the QBridge students):

  • All exam waiver approvals are done in consultation with QSoE.
  • Applicants to an undergraduate program should notify Admission Services in writing that they have completed an English for Academic Purposes program (EAP) at the ESLA 140 (Advanced) or ESLA 150 (University Preparation) level.
  • Admission Services will contact QSoE on behalf of the applicant to determine if a waiver is appropriate.
  • The applicant will be advised of the decision by Admission Services.
  • Applicants can write a test of facility in English prior to the Admission's deadline for submission of documentation if a waiver is not achieved.

Note: Students who are enrolled in the Winter session of EAP program at QSoE should be aware that they must submit all other required documents and achieve a a final grade of A- or higher in the ESLA 140 (Advanced) level or a final grade of B or higher in the ESLA 150 (University Preparation) level to be considered for the English proficiency exam waiver.

Admission to Graduate Programs

If a final grade of A- or higher in ESLA 140 or ESLA 150 from Queen's University's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program is achieved at the time of application, an English language test score may not be required. Potential applicants should always contact the department of interest for exact requirements specific to that department. For more information on graduate programs, please contact Queen's School of Graduate Studies.

Admission to St. Lawrence College

Queen's School of English has negotiated an agreement with St. Lawrence College (SLC) that will facilitate admission by QSoE students to SLC. As a result of this agreement, any student who earns a certificate in the ESLA 140 (Advanced) or ESLA 150 (University Preparation) levels of QSoE's English for Academic Purpose (EAP) program will be eligible to apply to SLC with no additional English language test score requirement.

St. Lawrence College offers a wide range of diploma and degree programs, such as bridging programs and credit transfer programs to universities, including Queen's. By means of the credit transfer program, some SLC students and graduates may transfer credits earned in their SLC programs in order to complete a university degree at the Bachelor's level.

Please contact St. Lawrence College for more information.

St. Lawrence College also offers a Friendship Bursary.