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Queen's School of English Entrance Award
(for Quebec residents)


A student who is at least 18 years of age, who has applied to the Canadian English Experience program at Queen's School of English and who is a francophone Canadian Citizen, permanent resident or protected person residing in Quebec.

Criteria for Selection:

1. Students entering the Queen's School of English Canadian English Experience program.

2. Awarded on the basis of academic achievement and expressed written interest in attending the Queen's School of English.

3. Awarded to Francophone Canadian Citizens, permanent residents or protected persons who reside in Quebec.

4. Selection will be made by Queen's School of English as delegated by the Senate Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid.


Maximum of $1800 CAD towards tuition for one session in the Canadian English Experience program per year.

Application Deadline:

Application deadline for 2015 CEE Program in August will be announced soon.

Application Guidelines:

1. Students must submit a completed application for the Canadian English Experience (Summer) program by the stated deadline dates.

2. Students must submit a one page document expressing their interest in attending Queen's School of English and a copy of their most recent academic transcript (see application form).

Submit the following documentation to:

School of English
Queen's University
511 Union Street
Kingston, ON K7M 5R7
Email: soerecep@queensu.ca
Tel: 613-533-2472