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English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program

Course Descriptions for Levels 132-150 (Intermediate II - University Preparation)

Core Class

Students participate in activities designed to help them develop all four language skills and use them in a communicative context. A focus of the core class is the acquisition of reading skills using level-adapted materials and/or authentic reading materials, and the expansion of vocabulary. Weekly writing assignments move from sentence and paragraph development in the lower levels to the successful production of academic essays at the upper levels. Individually and in groups, students will demonstrate an increasing control of the grammatical structures of English both orally and in writing.
15 hours per week

Language Laboratory

Students attend a listening laboratory class which focuses on the development of listening and pronunciation skills through adapted and authentic materials.
3 hours per week

Presentation Skills

Students learn and practice the skills involved in public speaking and presentation. In 132 the focus is on engaging the audience using tone, intonation and pacing to create a dramatic or humorous effect. In 140 the focus is on making effective, organized academic presentations using reported speech, signposting and visual/auditory aids. In 150 the focus is on using persuasive language to engage in stimulating debate and effective seminar leadership.
3 hours per week

English Communication and Comprehension: Online

This hybrid course is designed to increase students' independence as language learners and to emphasize peer learning. Students engage with each other and use a variety of online English-language and research tools to practice their speaking, listening, reading, editing and research skills. This course uses a blended format, including in-class workshops, so that all students, even those less comfortable with computers, learn to navigate online learning platforms. Students are expected to complete a minimum number of assigned tasks and to participate in the Moodle online forum.

Activities/Conversation Groups

A variety of language intensive socio-cultural activities are available for student participation. Students may also join in small informal conversation groups during the fall and winter.

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