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Congratulations to Roy Edinson Coba Teran


“I remembered the last conversation I had with my father before coming to Canada, we talked for more than four hours and I said:Father, [do] you feel proud of me? And he said yes, and he told me that he was the proudest father in the world, that he couldn’tfit in his chest the pride he felt for me, and that he told all his acquaintances that he had the best son and that [life] would be muchbetter than he had even dreamed for me. He told me, your mother cries because you go away but I will take care of her and she will understand. I know that you are going to pursue your dreams and my dreams.”

- Roy Edinson Coba Teran


The Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English is awarded to one student at the beginning of each session of the English for Academic Purposes Program at Queen’s School of English.  Each applicant is asked to submit an application form and a short essay.  In Fall 2017, students were asked to write on the topic: Describe an experience where you were unsuccessful in achieving your goal.  What lessons did you learn from this experience?

The Fall 2017 scholarship winner, Roy Coba Teran, came to Canada to pursue a dream.  He is a professional mining engineer in Peru, and was selected to come to Canada to pursue graduate studies in engineering.  His company recognised his talent and international perspective, and selected Roy to come to Queen’s University to develop his English language skills and his knowledge of engineering.

Roy began his winning essay with these words, “I know that dreams are never given up, for as long as we have very bad days, we must always pursue our dreams.”  Roy suffered a terrible tragedy while studying English at the QSoE.  His father fell suddenly ill and died while Roy was in the middle of his EAP studies during the summer.  Roy returned home to give support to his grieving family, and made the difficult choice to leave his mother, siblings, wife and young child to return to Canada to continue pursuing his dream.

Roy exemplifies bravery, tenacity, selflessness and dedication to achieving a goal.  He has shared his story with us in the hope that he can inspire others to pursue their dreams.