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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what level I will be in?

Queen’s School of English provides a thorough test before the first day of classes, which will determine your placement at the appropriate level.

I already know my English level, do I still need to take a placement test?

Students should be aware that program levels may not be consistent with other institutions either in other countries or in Canada. All institutions have their own curriculum and marking/level standards. For example, if you completed an Intermediate level at an institution in Vancouver, you may place at an Elementary level or an Advanced level at Queen's University.

Can I arrive late for my program?

If there is an unavoidable and valid reason for a student to be late, Queen's School of English (QSoE) will allow no more than one week’s delay. If you arrive late for your program, there are some important dates and fees that you need to know.

Students must write the English placement test and be in class no later than the Tuesday of week two at 8am. It is your responsibility to be aware of the specific dates and to communicate your situation in advance with QSoE.
Although you may miss up to seven (7) days for the EAP program and three (3) days for the CEE programs, as pre-arranged with QSoE; the absences accumulated during this period will count as total time missed in class. All missed hours will be recorded.
Students are responsible for completing the missed work in class.

Students who arrive late for registration must pay a late registration fee of $50 (CAD). Students who need to make special arrangements to write the English placement test (due to late arrival or other reasons) must pay an additional testing fee of $50 (CAD) payable by debit (bank) card or credit card only.

What happens if I miss classes due to an illness or personal matter?

Attendance in all classes is an essential requirement of all of our programs and absences will directly affect your final mark. If you miss class due to an illness or another important matter, it is your responsibility to contact your teacher and to make the necessary arrangements to finish the work missed in class. The teacher is not required to provide make-up work.

What grade do I need to pass in the EAP program?

To pass in the EAP program, you must obtain at least D- (50 percent). In order to advance to the next level, you must receive a certificate in the previous level. A final overall grade of C, an average grade of C in oral/aural skills (Spoken and Listening Lab classes), and a Pass in Discussion or ECCO class will earn you a certificate.

How can I request official transcripts?

Official transcripts, required for applications to universities and colleges, must be ordered through the Registrar’s Office at Queen’s. A charge may apply.

Unofficial transcripts (Printing your Grades)

If you would simply like proof of your registration, and a printout of your grades, in order to extend your Study Permit, you may download an unofficial transcript using the SOLUS Student Centre.

How much spending money should I bring?

The amount of spending money you should bring will greatly depend on your spending habits. If you live in residence during the fall and/or winter, you have the option of purchasing a meal plan. If you live in Homestay, meals are included in your Homestay fee.

You may want to have extra money for additional snacks, dining out or entertainment. You will also be required to provide your own toiletries: shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other personal needs.

Entertainment costs vary, but keep in mind that we have a Socio-Cultural Program that offers daily activities at no charge, as well as trips at an additional fee.

While it is encouraged to carry some cash with you, we do not recommend you to travel with more than $200-300 Canadian dollars (or equivalent to your currency). If you travel with your own currency, you may be able to exchange it to Canadian dollars at the airport.

If I am a sponsored student, how much spending money should I bring?

A sponsored student is someone who is being funded by another institution, business or embassy. Generally, this funding includes tuition and U.H.I.P. (medical insurance). Sponsorship entitlements vary and should be discussed with your sponsor.

What is the refund policy if I don’t get a visa?

If you are denied entry into Canada by Canadian officials you will receive a full refund of fees, less an administrative fee of $100 (CAD). You must show proof of your visa refusal and return your original letters of acceptance.

Can I transfer my application to a different session if my visa is late?

Yes, you can. You must contact Queen’s School of English by email immediately regarding your visa process. A $10 (CAD) administrative fee will be charged for reissuing acceptance letters.

Can I purchase a meal plan?

Fall and Winter Sessions:

Various optional and flexible meal plans are available to residents of Jean Royce Hall and may be purchased from Queen's Hospitality Services after you arrive in Kingston. Students may choose a meal plan that covers one, two, or three meals a day (Monday - Friday or Monday - Sunday).

Other meals can be purchased individually at the cafeteria or at the on-campus retail outlets. You can also cook your own meals in residence as kitchens are available. Restaurants and grocery stores are within a short walking distance to campus.

Summer Sessions:

Meal plans are not available during the summer.

Residences are equipped with small kitchenettes, where it is possible to cook and prepare meals. Limited retail outlets are available on-campus to purchase lunches or snacks. Restaurants and grocery stores are within a short walking distance to campus.

Meals are included in the Homestay program.

Can I observe Queen's University classes?

Sometimes it is possible to audit various Queen’s University classes. However, in order to do so, you must obtain permission from the professor or department and inquire whether there is an auditing fee.

Can I work while I am a student in your program?

Please refer to the Queen's University International Centre for more information on working in Canada.

How can I request a replacement certificate?

We can replace your certificate for five years after from the date of the end of the program attended at QSoE. Please note that there is an additional fee for this service. To request a replacement certificate, please send us an email