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When you choose homestay, you become part of the family you live with, part of the community you live in, and add a valuable dimension to your Canadian education experience!

Our homestay program is provided by the Canada Homestay Network (CHN).

CHN carefully screens hosts who are committed to including you in meaningful family time including meals, conversations and excursions. That means immersion in Canadian culture and many more opportunities to learn practical English.

Why Choose Homestay?

To ensure the safety and well-being of our students, Canada Homestay Network hosts are carefully screened, including reference checks, criminal record checks and interviews. This process is reflected in the high standards and best practices recommended by educators and professional associations across Canada.
CHN connects with students and their Canadian hosts before they meet, and are available 24/7. The application and matching process, combined with regular contact with each student and their hosts, helps match students to the right host, the first time. CHN is also committed to coordinating new student-host pairings, without dispute, if necessary.
CHN provides students and their hosts with information, knowledge and support so they can make the most of their experience together. You are not alone! CHN counsellors are trained and dedicated professionals who celebrate the cultures and languages of our students and understand the excitement and stress of travelling and living abroad.
When you choose homestay with CHN, you become part of the family you live with and part of the community you live in. Hosts are committed to including their students in meaningful family time including meals, conversations and excursions.
CHN is a not-for-profit organization, with second-generation family leadership. Like educators, agencies and hosts, CHN is motivated by the common good—how homestay benefits students, host families and the communities that students study in. Fees and host allowances cover the common-sense costs in order to help ensure a successful experience for everyone.
You can trust the Canada Homestay Network. Since 1995, CHN has helped tens of thousands of students and hosts enjoy their time together. CHN has connected more students with more hosts than any single educator’s homestay program, by far.


Contact Information

For Students

You can contact CHN directly:

Telephone (Toll free in North America): +1-877-441-4443 or +1 (343) 477-1334 (Kingston)

Email: queensu@canadahomestaynetwork.ca

Website: www.canadahomestaynetwork.ca/qsoe.shtml

For Homestay Hosts

If you are interested in hosting international students please contact CHN directly using the information below.

Email: kingstoninfo@canadahomestaynetwork.ca

Website: whyihost.ca