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English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program

Course Descriptions for Levels 110-130 (Beginner-Intermediate I)

Core Class

Students participate in activities designed to help them develop all four language skills and use them in a communicative context. A focus of the core class is the acquisition of reading skills using level-adapted materials and/or authentic reading materials, and the expansion of vocabulary. Weekly writing assignments move from sentence and paragraph development in the lower levels to the successful production of academic essays at the upper levels. Individually and in groups, students will demonstrate an increasing control of the grammatical structures of English both orally and in writing.
15 hours per week

Language Laboratory

Students attend a listening laboratory class which focuses on the development of listening and pronunciation skills through adapted and authentic materials.
3 hours per week

Spoken English

The focus of this class is on the student's use of spoken English. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of pronunciation and the elements of conversation. Students practice spoken English in a variety of contexts including short dialogues, role-play and activities.
3 hours per week


The discussion class facilitator is a supervised Queen's undergraduate student who works with QSoE students to help them develop oral fluency and become adept at using discussion techniques.
1.5 hours per week

Activities/Conversation Groups

A variety of language intensive socio-cultural activities are available for student participation. Students may also join in small informal conversation groups during the fall and winter.

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