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Payment Options

Queen's School of English will send an invoice after we have received your application form and have obtained your Queen’s student ID number. The invoice will itemize fees owing in accordance with your application.

Payment Methods

The usual payment methods are Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union Quick Pay (ask for the special Queen’s rate). We do not accept personal or certified cheques, money orders, or credit card payments. Fees can be paid in Canadian (or U.S.*) dollars.

Payment of University Health Insurance Plan (U.H.I.P.)

Tuition and U.H.I.P. (medical insurance) fees must be paid before the School of English can issue an official acceptance letter. Please note that Canadian citizens and permanent residents do not need to pay for U.H.I.P.

Learn more about U.H.I.P. (University Health Insurance Plan) by visiting the Queen's University International Centre.

Payment of Residence Fees

The residence fee must be paid before we can reserve or confirm accommodation. Space is limited in residence, so please pay fees as soon as possible.

Important Note: Please notify the School of English office when you have made a payment so we can check your Queen’s fees account.

*Students who pay in U.S. dollars will receive a refund for the Canadian dollar exchange if they have overpaid. If they have underpaid they will have to pay the balance owing.