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Application and Refund Policies

Application Policy

(Applicable to full-time programs only)

By the session deadline, all admission requirements must be fulfilled. This means that in order to reserve your place in the program, we must have received the following on or before the deadline:

  • Full tuition payment
  • Full residence fee (if applicable) 
  • Full UHIP payment (for International students only)
  • Full payment of deposit(s) for future sessions (if you are applying to more than one session)
  • Faxed confirmation of payment of fees
  • Confirmation of permission to study in Canada (for International students only)

Obtaining a Visa (International students): Please note that you should contact your nearest Canadian Embassy to find out how long it will take to have a visa issued. Students from countries with a longer visa processing time must apply early to meet the admission requirements by the session deadline.

Letter of acceptances: An official Confirmation of Acceptance will be sent only after the tuition and UHIP fees (for International students) have been paid in full. Please do not send your fee until you receive an invoice from Queen's School of English.

Please note: All of our programs have limited enrollment. Occasionally, our programs fill before the deadline. If this happens, we will place your name on a waiting list. If your application arrives after the deadline, we will also place your name on the waiting list. Students on the waiting list are not guaranteed a place in the program. If you are not accepted into the program, your fees will be returned.

For more information on application procedures, please click here.

Late Arrival Policy

English for Academic Purposes Program

English for Academic Purposes is an intensive language program. Therefore, it is vitally important that students attend all classes in order to be successful in their studies. New students should plan to be on campus for placement testing and all students should be present for the first day of classes. Attendance and punctuality are emphasized at Queen's School of English and students who miss classes lose marks and may not receive a certificate.

If there is an unavoidable and valid reason for a student to be late, Queen's School of English will allow no more than one week’s delay.

Students arriving after Tuesday of week two in the program will not be admitted.

The final date for new students to write the placement test is Tuesday of week two.

All missed hours will be recorded.

Late arrivals will not be considered for changes of level.

Students are responsible for making up missed work.

Late Arrival Fee:Students who arrive late for Registration will be charged a Late Registration Fee of $50.00. There is also an additional Testing Fee of $50.00 for all students who need to make special arrangements to write the Placement Test.

Refund Policy

Full-time Programs:
English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Canadian Academic English Experience (CAEE), Canadian English Experience (CEE)

Students who cancel from any session before the starting date listed on the application form or before registration, and who return the original acceptance letter, will receive a refund of fees. There will be no refund of fees after registration in a short-term program.

Students who withdraw from the EAP program, after registration and before the end of the first week of classes, are eligible for a refund of 60% of the tuition fee.  No tuition refunds will be granted after 4 pm on Friday of the first week of classes.

Students who withdraw from the program must return their university student card.

Prospective students who are denied entry into Canada by Canadian officials will receive a full refund of fees if they show proof of their visa denial.

QBridge Accelerated Program

Students who cancel their application before the first day of the QBridge program, and who return their original acceptance letter, will receive a refund of fees paid. There will be no refund of fees after registration.

Students who withdraw after the QBridge program begins will not receive any refund of fees. Queen's Undergraduate Admissions reserves the right to rescind the offer of acceptance if a student does not maintain a final average of 75% on their middle school transcript. In this case all fees will be refunded. Students who are denied entry into Canada by Canadian officials will receive a full refund of fees if they show proof of their visa denial.