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Fall Review 2014

Greetings from Queen's School of English!

We hope that everyone has had a great start to 2015. It has definitely been a busy start for everyone here at Queen's School of English as we welcomed students from 11 different countries for the winter session of our English for Academic Purposes Program and now we are preparing for two additional programs in February, a tailored Cross-Cultural Workshop and an open Canadian English Experience program.

As we plan ahead for 2015, we also would like to take a minute to reflect back on the successful fall programs and activities that took place at Queen's School of English.

In our previous newsletter, we announced the retirement of Janice McAlpine, our Acting Director and Senior Program Coordinator. A new committee was organized to ensure the continued success of our school during this time of transition. We are pleased to announce that the Director position has been posted on the Queen's University Human Resources website.

The fall is always an exciting time of the year for us. Our English for Academic Purposes Program saw an 11% increase in student enrollment, with students joining us from 14 different countries. Many of our students come to School of English in order to prepare for their undergraduate or graduate studies at Queen's, or as part of national scholarship programs, including Brazil's Science without Borders, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Scholarship Program, the Libyan - North American Scholarship Program. We also welcome groups from many of our university partners. 

Other highlights of our fall are always our Business Internship Program and the Pre-MBA QBridge Program. In this newsletter, each of these programs are discussed.

We encourage you to continue reading our newsletter to learn more about our fall recruitment activities and to get a glimpse of what's been posted on our blog recently. Warmest regards (in this cold Canadian winter),

QSoE Team