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Summer Review 2014

Greetings from Queen's School of English!
This past summer was filled with many new experiences not only for our students, but for our staff
and instructors alike. Our main program, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), was for the first
time hosted on west campus, at Duncan McArthur Hall, where we have relocated earlier this year.
While some of us missed being on main campus, many of us enjoyed the physical proximity to each
other. The School of English began to feel like a school as we walk along the hallways and pass by
our students and instructors on regular basis. Students can easily drop by our offices to ask
questions and get to know us. We appreciate the ability to be more accessible to our students and
instructors whilst working in close proximity to our colleagues at the Faculty of Education.
However, we continue to run some of our shorter programs, especially the ones in collaboration
with other departments and faculties, on main campus. This fall season is a very busy one at
Duncan McArthur, with the largest Bachelor of Education cohort and our students occupying and
energizing the space.
As we continue to grow and develop, there are other news and updates that we have for you. The
main update is the retirement of Janice McAlpine, our Acting Director and Senior Program
Coordinator. We are pleased to work with a new committee which was struck to ensure the
continued success of our school during this time of transition. Read the recent announcement of
change of leadership.
We encourage you to continue reading our newsletter to find out where we will be traveling this
season, what is new with our QBridge - Queen's University Bridging Pathway, and, as always, get
to know one of our instructors.
Warmest regards,
QSoE Team