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Celebrating Multiculturalism

​QSoE's 75th Anniversary

QSoE's 75th Anniversary

Queen’s School of English began offering English language instruction in 1942 as the Queen’s Summer School of English. Initially, students were mostly French-speakers from covenants and monasteries in Quebec.

QSoE 1942

75 years later, Queen’s School of English continues to offer English language instruction to students from countries all over the world. QSoE students generally enroll to expand their English language skills in preparation for studies at English speaking academic institutions or for professional/career development.

The diverse exchange of perspectives and cultures fostered by QSoE deeply enriches the lives of students in the language programs and their instructors. But, it is not only QSoE students and instructors who are enriched by this multiculturalism; this fusion of cultures extends to members of the broader community to include Queen’s University and Kingston.

Many QSoE students choose a homestay for their accommodation while studying. Coordinated through Canada Homestay Network, Kingston residents house QSoE students, share meals together, and show students what makes Kingston such a great place to live. Many hosts enjoy experiencing other cultures vicariously through their international guests in Kingston.

This year, Queen’s students expressed a strong desire to learn about and connect with students from other cultures as evident by the level of volunteer interest received for QSoE’s Conversation Partners Program. Conversation Partners Program volunteers meet with their very small group of QSoE students on a weekly basis. It’s an opportunity to discover other cultures in a meaningful way – by having the opportunity to sit down together in a relaxed setting, ask questions, and share experiences.

The Tragically Hip

Throughout the years of QSoE, volunteering in the Conversation Partners Program has inspired many curious Queen’s students to take an interest in experiencing other cultures. In addition, QSoE has always hired Queen’s University undergraduate students to work as ‘Monitors’ to lead social activities and excursions.

In honour of its 75th anniversary, Queen’s School of English is planning special events for students in each of the three 2017 sessions of the English for Academic Purposes Program. Additionally, the QSoE 75th Anniversary Photo Gallery is in the early stages of planning. This gallery will consist of photos printed on canvas frames, will be displayed in McArthur Hall at Queen’s, and will highlight individuals who have been involved with QSoE – past and current students, homestay hosts, conversation partner volunteers, instructors, staff members, and partners.