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Apply for Residence

To apply for Queen's University residence, please follow the directions that relate to each session and program.

Fall and Winter Residence

  • Fall and Winter sessions are available to a limited number of students accepted as part of the QBridge Pathway to Queen's University
  • Winter residence accommodation is available to students on a per session basis and is first-come, first served.   

Summer Residence

  • Students applying for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) or QBridge Accelerated can choose between basic and premium accommodations.
  • Students applying for Canadian English Experience (CEE) program are offered premium accommodations.
  • Please read the following information below before applying for summer residence.

Basic Accommodations

  • Full payment for the dates booked is due upon arrival when checking in at the front desk.
  • Bookings of 30 days or longer are tax exempt.  Any booking that is less than 30 days will be subject to applicable Canadian taxes.

For more information: Queen's Event Services Website

When completing your residence application on the Queen's Event Services website, please choose:

  • Event Name: EAP
  • Price: Single: $25/night  OR  Double: $30/night

Please contact eventservices@queensu.ca to apply.

Premium Accommodations

CEE program:

To apply for residence, please complete and submit our Residence Application Form. Once we receive your application form, we will send you an invoice for the applicable fees. You must pay these fees in order to reserve your room.


Summer EAP & QBridge Accelerated:

To apply for residence in the summer EAP session you must apply directly online through Queen's Event Services. Reservations cannot be made through QSoE.

For more information: Queen's Event Services Website

  • Event Name: EAP
  • Price: 2 Bedroom Unit: $60/night  OR  Single Premium Room: $45/night

Please contact eventservices@queensu.ca to apply.