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Student Life Program

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Queen's School of English organizes a full program of extra-curricular activities for the students in each session. These events include films, sports, baking, indoor and outdoor games, along with sightseeing, shopping, festivals, and visits to Kingston's many cultural and historic sites.


QSoE encourages trips to attractions outside of Kingston (i.e. Toronto, Niagara Falls and Ottawa). The trips are optional and there is an extra fee for joining them. These additional trips are organized and operated through a local tour company. Visit CTE Centre (www.ctecentre.ca) for trip schedules and prices. Simply create an account, then log in to buy tickets! 


Our "What's Going On" is the School's list of extracurricular activities for our students. To view this month's calendar, please download it from the link below or you can also pick up a copy at our office.

Other Opportunities

QSoE students may participate in all of the activities offered to undergraduate students at Queen's University.