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EAP Testimonials from our Students

Hao Zhang from Qing Shan Bao, China

I am Hao Zhang from China. I have been in Canada since August 2009 and have enjoyed studying at Queen's University, School of English in their English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. Upon completion in August 2010, I attained 80% at the advanced level in listening, speaking, critical reading, writing, academic research skills, and oral presentation skills. Now I am taking one graduate course in Electrical Engineering at Queen's University, which prepares me to start my Masters degree in September 2011. The memorable time I spent at Queen's School of English prompted me to stay in Canada to pursue my graduate studies. What I gained at QSoE was not only the academic knowledge required for entry into a Canadian university but also a marvelous experience and an understanding of Canadian cultures. I extremely recommend Queen's School of English to students who are planning to study abroad or preparing for studies at a Canadian University.

Min Soo Kim from GyeoJesi, China

The EAP Program at QSoE was very challenging for me, but at the same time it was an excellent choice that I've made. I studied English as if I had been a university student in Canada. What I liked most was that I could study English through various methods. Some of these methods included writing an academic essay, giving a presentation, listening to a podcast, visiting an art gallery, and so much more. The EAP program was not just a great program to study English, but also a great program to experience the culture of Canada. With the well-organized curriculum, support, and opportunities, I am very satisfied with it!

Xiaoyin [Smiley] Liu from Zhengzhou Jinshui, China

I was fortunate enough to have previously attended Queen's School of English. QSoE is not just an institution but also a family. The teachers are very experienced and supportive of the students individual needs. Furthermore, the staff are very helpful in organizing school activities and helping students with their problems. You can meet new friends from all over the world. Also, QSoE is located in Kingston, a historic town that enables you to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle while not being distracted by the fast pace environment of big city life. Overall, QSoE was the perfect place to study at.


BIP Testimonials from our Students

Yuhong Li from Shanghai, China

I came to Kingston to learn English in a group from Shanghai. During the 4- week EAP and 13-week BIP, I have improved my listening, reading, spoken and writing skills. I had an internship at the City of Kingston. I’ve learned more about Canadian government, about it’s leadership management and operation. I’ve done some research jobs of the City of Kingston. It’s a good chance for me to compare the Canadian government with the Chinese government and exchange views with Canadian government officials.     - BIP student

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