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EAP Testimonials from our Students

Saki Nishika from Japan 

As a university student who specializes in English as a second language, I wanted to learn academic English and improve my English skills in a good place where I can concentrate on studying. That's why I chose the Queen's University School of English which is located in Kingston, Ontario. I had studied at QSoE for a year. My initial plan for studying at QSoE was only 6 months, but I wanted to learn more at the QSoE because I was sure my English had improved within the 6 months.

I not only studied English at QSoE but I also communicated with other international students frequently. We helped and encouraged each other all the time. QSoE has a great communication style between students, teachers and monitors. I especially have a feeling of gratitude towards my teachers. When I was struggling with studying English, they tried to understand and encourage me. They have great skills teaching English to international students.

I also cannot describe my Kingston life without mentioning my host family. My homestay host helped me improve my English and supported me throughout my experience in Canada. In addition, my housemates were just perfect for me. I never felt lonely when I was in Kingston, because I had many friends. My life has changed by my experiences at QSoE and in Kingston; of course in a good way for my future. I genuinely recommend people to Queen's University School of English, especially for those who want to study English and experience Canadian life. QSoE is the school for you.

Chihiro Misawa from Tokyo, Japan

My major purpose for studying English is to help me prepare for life in a Canadian university. Queen's University's SoE system provides us a high quality academic program. We can concentrate on study in such an environment; SoE students can use the facilities of the university which are really useful for us, especially the libraries. Besides, teachers push us to (a) higher level and we could make obvious progress. These experiences have not only influenced my English skills, (but) also my life.



BIP Testimonials from our Students

Nakahiko Okajima from Tokyo, Japan

I  worked for a Human Resources Agency downtown. This program gave me an opportunity to work in an English environment where I could utilize my industry experience. For me, it was a very hard time at first because I should be sure of the projects’ goal, our purpose, but I didn’t have enough communication skill. But now at the end of my placement, I can really work as an employee. And I will never miss to catch any important points from my supervisor. Finally I found that working is a very good way to improve language skills because you have to communicate with your co-workers. And I’m sure every student in placements will do a fantastic job because of their experience in a Canadian working place.      

Daichi Tanaka from Japan

I decided to participate in the BIP Program because I wanted to have work experience in an English speaking country. I worked at the campus computer store in Dupuis Hall and I really had a beneficial experience. Needless to say, it was not easy at the beginning to manage my tasks, especially to deal with customers. However, I felt I was improving my English ability especially technical terms. This program is focused on providing students working opportunities in Canada, but at the same time, this program can bring you a lot of benefits. At any rate, this program was more than I expected, so I am satisfied with this program very much. 

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