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Testimonials from our Students

Malek Karaim from Charlottetown, Libya

In May 2010, I arrived in Kingston, Canada. Immediately, I joined Queen's School of English and since the very beginning I thought that a school that welcomed me so warmly would be a great one, indeed. As the time passed, I realized that I was right. I was very lucky to get the chance to study in a school that contains a well-organized program, highly qualified teachers, and a truly supportive staff. Moreover, as I grew up in a small village in my home country, I was comfortable with the atmosphere in Kingston. By studying in a quiet, captivating city in a great country, I hit two birds with one stone. Therefore, I chose to stay in the same place for the rest of my studies. Soon after finishing my program at Queen’s School of English, with their recommendation and assistance, I became an actual graduate student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s; hence, I feel like I have already achieved much success.

Ashraf Ali Bourawy from EL-Beida, Libya

My studies at the School of English have helped me in several things. Firstly, learning how to write academically, how to arrange my ideas, and how to make strong presentations helped me in my Masters program.” When asked if his course at the School of English was a requirement for admission to his degree program (Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s), Ashraf said: “In fact, it was either to have the TOEFL score or 80% at the advanced level [at the School], and I got both!



Otman Abdussalam from Libya

My name is Otman Abdussalam and I am from Libya. After a short time learning English as a second language at Queen's University's School of English, I realized how lucky I am. The atmosphere here is very happy, wonderful and inspiring. I must say I have learned so much of the English language and a lot  of other important things such as better management of my time and life. Thanks a lot to QSoE!

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