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Testimonials from our Students

Eduardo from Sao Paulo, Brazil

The 12-week English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is focused on academic reading, writing, listening, speaking and presenting which prepares the student for the TOEFL test and more importantly entrance into Queen's University. The classes contain students from all over the world with whom you will share the experiences of studying abroad. The teachers are very experienced as some have previously taught overseas; therefore, they know the best way to present the lectures. Outside of the classroom I recommend participating in socio-cultural activities, which include several out-of-town trips to major Canadian cities nearby such as Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. The City of Kingston is also not far from the United States, allowing for the opportunity to visit. Overall, I have enjoyed the Canadian culture especially in the winter time as I learned how to snowboard and I watched many hockey games.

Rafaela Nardelli Bruno from Brasilia, Brazil

I like the oral/aural focus of the program; I like the social activities with the monitors and the school trips. I also appreciate that the teachers are always worried about teaching us English skills as best as they can and I think the coordinators are great and try to make us feel as we were at home. Actually, everybody of the QSoE is very accessible and approachable, always ready to help us. In addition, I found amazing that we, students of the QSoE, as any other Queen’s students, can use the Physical Education Centre, free transport system and all the other amenities that Queen's has.

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