Summer 2022 - Are We Alone? - Probably Not


Many astronomers searching for extraterrestrial life have staked their careers on detecting intelligent life beyond Earth. Jill Tarter, now in her seventies, is emeritus chair of the SETI Institute and its most notable public advocate, giving dozens of speeches each year. She was ten when her father took her for a nighttime walk on a Florida beach. As he pointed out various constellations, she wondered whether any of those stars might be someone else’s sun …




Ray Argyle is the author of 11 books, including biographies of French President Charles de Gaulle and American ragtime composer Scott Joplin. His latest is Inventing Secularism: The Radical Life of George Jacob Holyoake. A journalist and media consultant, his writing credits include the Globe and Mail, the National Post, Reader’s Digest, France Today, Canada’s History, and World War II History. He is based in Kingston, Ontario.


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