"Fall 2021 - Assembling IKEA"


The happy cartoon figure in the instructions is shown assembling the correct tools for the job and calling the IKEA help line for assistance. Nowhere is he depicted kneeling on the floor at his wits’ end, amid scattered hardware and incorrectly assembled panels, or shown swearing, giving up, and storming off to take a beer break in another room in the hope that Scandinavian furniture fairies will appear and complete the job …


Anthony Jenkins spent a long career at the Globe and Mail creating editorial cartoons, illustrations, and caricatures. He has since relocated to 17 acres of bucolic Mono, Ontario, where he writes, paints, draws, and keeps bees. His proudest accomplishment, other than his two grown daughters and having travelled through 83 countries, is building, unaided, a bird feeder which is still standing after six years (www.jenkinsdraws.com).


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