Queen's Quarterly

Queen's Quarterly
Queen's Quarterly

August 2016

Susan Jane Atkinson

I kill a spider
     by accident
sends me into despair
     I spend hours
mind breezing over
     buttercups and cowslips
childhood memories
     Queen Anne’s lace has gone
wild in the garden
     I can’t decide whether to
dig it up and name it weed
     or tame it and call it flower
you say you like it
     decision made.



Susan Jane Atkinson’s poems have won a number of awards, including first prize in the National Capital Writers Contest and the Carleton University Literary Prize. Her poems have appeared in such journals as the Antigonish Review, Arc Poetry Magazine, the Dalhousie Review, Bywords, the New Quarterly, Room, and ottawater. Her first full-length collection, The Marta Poems, is forthcoming with Silver Bow Publishing.