Summer 2022 - By Bus Across the Southern Andes


The scenery became even more spectacular – the mountains higher, the lakes larger, and the snow cover more expansive. The rutted road was awful, the passengers stunned into silence – I imagined they were quietly hoping for either a quick death or, like me, for this winding, bumpy track to turn into something firmer, wider, or smoother. In truth, the road was already wide enough, just rutted, and the driver swerved wildly, locked in the low gears while seeking the smoothest route …




Ian Birch taught business and finance at universities in British Columbia and Ontario before retiring onto a wooded acreage in the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands to pursue diverse projects. This article is an excerpt from the author’s book The Last Train through the Heart of the Americas: By Rail and Road across Two Hemispheres for which he is currently seeking an agent/publisher (

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