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Calais, Les Bourgeois de

        from the Encyclopaedia of Modern Understanding

Sara Salih

Summer 2022 - Calais, Les Bourgeois de



Salle no.6, Musée RODIN q.v., afternoon of torrential rain last day March 2016 unable to visit monument in garden as intended. Eustache de Saint Pierre, de Wissant [FIRST NAME?], Pierre de Wissant, Jean d’Aire, Jean de Rennes, Jean de Fiennes, Andrieu d’Andres, separate & apart plaster & bronze première maquette resembles roughly iced wedding cake not at all celebratory. Plaster figures on high base “ Rodin ultimately abandoned idea of elevation cf. ALTITUDE, DOWN argued with Calais notables who’d commissioned him they not liking idea of monument @ ground level. Figure on L wears tormented look, gestures in Who me? sort of way not as anguished as in later renditions.…


Sara Salih is currently completing the Encyclopaedia of Modern Understanding.