Spring 2024 - David Dies


It was early morning when an older brother came to the door crying for help. The new nurse quickly pulled her lab coat over her knee-length nightgown and, in sandals, ran with him to David’s side. The extra-large pockets of the lab coat always contained basic emergency/first aid supplies, notepad, and pencil. When she returned to the clinic, having tried to revive David with CPR in the grass for twenty minutes – which felt like eternity – she felt terribly alone …


Armed with a diploma in nursing, an innate genetic stubbornness, and a Northern curiosity, Connie LeVert ventured above the treeline to see what life would be like without trees, long-distance telephone service, television, or any of the amenities of city life. In time, she learned to love and appreciate the four decades she spent meandering through Subarctic and Arctic communities from Northern Quebec to the Beaufort Delta. Awarded a “Northern Health Scholarship” in the early 1970s, she received a BScN from Laurentian University in Sudbury.

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