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Gordon Miller


Winter 2019 - Miller

Discoveries of the New World and Beyond

In the mid-eighteenth century, sailing ships began appearing on the northwest coast of America, the last temperate coast in the world to be discovered by Europeans. These ships were in the final years of a journey that had begun four centuries earlier and thousands of miles away. Lured by the riches and mystique of the Orient, the men who sailed them had explored most of the world’s oceans and coastlines and had helped to define the size and grandeur of the planet …

This piece first appeared in Queen’s Quarterly 119/1 (Spring 2012).


Gordon Miller is a maritime artist living in Vancouver. In his youth he worked as a seaman and later was chief designer for both the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the Vancouver Museum. His work has appeared in numerous publications around the world. This is an excerpt from his book Voyages: To the New World and Beyond (Douglas & McIntyre, 2011). The author is now working on a new book on the history of sail in the Pacific.