Winter 2023 - Elastic Bands


I saw Denny in the line, his hat so tremendous he had to hold it by the brim to keep it on. They walked across the front of the gym and then came down the middle aisle so we would all admire them. But as they walked, I began to notice some shifting of feet, and whispers and side glances, mostly among the boys. Then even some snickering, particularly from the boys in grade six, Troy Barkley and Sean Weaver and that crowd, who were sitting right behind me, pointing at the smiling boys and singling them out. And it didn’t go unnoticed by the kindergarten boys. I saw Denny’s face turn red and crumple before my eyes, the pride turning to a kind of shame I had never seen him wear before. He reached up and took off his hat. And I noticed most of the other boys in the parade were taking off their wild and wonderful hats …


T.R. Biggar’s work has been published in the Antigonish Review and the Nashwaak Review. Her stories have been included in such anthologies as Beach Reads, Gypsum Sound Jails, Auroras and Blossoms, and the upcoming Christmas Stories. Her play Medium Rare was recently produced by the Elmira Theatre Company. She has recently completed her first novel.

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