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Queen's Quarterly

Elegy to my friend the accountant

Ronna Bloom

You took the passwords and mental strongboxes with you,
the money numbers and the backstory. Your being
was the illusion of my safety.

Tiredness is not going away for any of us back here
on the ground. The world keeps spinning
and suffering. When I open my ears, the woe flows in.

Where does the energy come from?
I don’t have it. I am it.
So are you.

I swear to God, there’s a new bud
coming out of the .....

* poem, in its entirety, is available in the printed version of the current issue.


Ronna Bloom is the author of six books of poetry. Her most recent book, The More (Pedlar Press, 2017), was long-listed for the City of Toronto Book Award. Her poems have been recorded by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and translated into Spanish, Bangla, and Chinese. She is Poet in Community to the University of Toronto (www.ronnabloom.com).