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Katharine Harvey

Paris burning. How is it that, in a professed secular country like France, the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral brought citizens together in unfathomable despair? Made tangible in stony edifices, coloured light, and vaulting arches, yearning shimmers darkly, far beneath the consciousness of many in our pragmatic contemporary world. Katharine Harvey's new painting series, Threshold, turns to the spheres of wonder at the foundation of human insight. Our religious imagination, though vastly diverse from people to people, nevertheless binds through a common desire for the hidden, the unknown, and the luminous …

KATHARINE HARVEY'S exhibition history includes public artwork at Quartz Condominiums (Concord CityPlace, Toronto) and shows at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, Skulpturenprojekt (Stade, Germany), First Canadian Place (Toronto), Bank of America (Los Angeles), World Financial Center (New York), and Monterey Bay Aquarium (California). Having received a BFA from Queen's University (1986) and an MFA from the University of Victoria (1996), she lives and works in Toronto. Nicholas Metivier Gallery in Toronto and Galerie Borchardt in Hamburg, Germany, represent the artist's work (see,, and

DR PAULA PRYCE is a cultural anthropologist at the University of British Columbia who specializes in ritual aesthetics and performance theory.

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