Spring 2022 - A Girl in a Book Setting



This is a girl in a book setting. I’ve put her in a coffee shop. She entered through a door alone and the bell rang out, alerting the whole busy, bustling scene to her presence. The heroine is here. Now the story can begin.

   My heroine, my girl, was not warned in advance. As the author, I’m not a God or a guardian angel who looks out for her as I should. I’ve sent her here, textbooks tucked under her arm, to this cozy little coffee shop, to study alone. But a heroine can never be left alone, nor can she be allowed to study at home and stay put, in calm, peaceful serenity. Plots don’t happen at home. She must be mobile. She must be dragged by the sleeve of her sweater out of hiding, into the rampageous atmosphere of a book setting …


Emily R. Zarevich is an English teacher and writer from Burlington, Ontario. Her work has been published by various magazines and websites, including JSTOR Daily, the Calvert Journal, Russian Life, Oh Reader, and Inspire the Mind.

[IMAGE CREDIT: “Artwork by Janice McLean”]