Spring 2024 - Toronto's Power Couple

I was in the Art Gallery of Ontario reviewing an exhibit when I noticed something unexpected on one of the showcased piece’s label cards. I didn’t believe what I read at first, so I narrowed my eyes and leaned in closer for a second look. I wasn’t wrong. There it was, in print, unmistakable, and impossible to misinterpret. “Frances Loring and her partner Florence Wyle …”

     I had to take a step back. I was that excited. Eureka! Historic, Canadian, highbrow lesbians! How many of those were hiding in the textbooks, if they made it into the textbooks at all?


Emily R. Zarevich is an English teacher and writer from Burlington, Ontario. Her work has been published by various magazines and websites, including JSTOR Daily, the Calvert Journal, Russian Life, Oh Reader, and Inspire the Mind.

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