Winter 2023 - History Written in Stone


I am trudging through the snow to the cemetery. I have done this so many times before, in various places, in all types of weather. It is on tombstones that the history of a town is told.

A left-hand sign on Manitoba’s Road 245 points to the village of “Bruxelles.” On impulse I turn. The small town with its modest white church and grey graveyard is shrouded in silence. The streets are deserted, and the houses closed …


Greta du Bois Cleynhens was born in Belgium and has lived most of her life in Africa. She was raised in the Congo and, after studying modern languages in Belgium, settled in South Africa, where she pursued a career in the airline industry and was also a freelance translator and interpreter. Now a Canadian citizen, she lives in Kingston, Ontario, where she is currently writing an autobiography about her youth in the Congo.

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