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Holding Infinity
      My Small Glass Heart

Karen Simons

Winter 2020 - Holding Infinity


Twice a year I hold in my hand a small glass heart, about the size of a dime, but thicker. A golden band runs around its circumference with an eyelet at the top of the heart for a chain to pass through to make a necklace. In the centre of the heart there is a bubble. In that hollow place lies a mustard seed. If I shake the heart, the seed jiggles. I hold the heart in my hand just before Christmas when I hang it on our tree as an ornament, and again on the day after Epiphany when I strip the tree and toss it outside into the back alley with all the other discarded, dried-up evergreens on our block …


Having taught and published as an academic for several years, Karen Simons now works as an independent scholar and writer. She has published poetic translations and creative non-fiction in Arion and Queen’s Quarterly. Currently, she is working on Time, Faith, and Memory, a project commissioned by the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton.