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Jesus on the Mainline

Mark Anthony Jarman

Fall 2020 - Jesus on the Mainline




The car climbs the summer air and hangs for a moment like a blue marlin breaching the sea, poised in the air before the fall. The driver drunk and the power pole waits, the hospital waits, the wheelchair waits.

      In the stroke ward an ancient man sprawls on the next bed as if dropped from a height. He never opens his eyes, never speaks; he might be dead. Tiny tubes are anchored to his mouth. Spread on his terry-towel bathrobe, he resembles roadkill, laid flat by a great weight …


Mark Anthony Jarman is the author of 19 Knives, My White Planet, New Orleans Is Sinking, Dancing Nightly in the Tavern, Knife Party at the Hotel Europa, and the travel book Ireland’s Eye. His novel Salvage King, Ya! is on Amazon.ca’s list of 50 Essential Canadian Books and is the number one book on Amazon’s list of best hockey fiction.