Winter 2023 - Killer Eyes

There are all kinds of killers. There are the accidental kind – drunk or careless drivers, ones who claim accidental discharge of firearms. There are the fit-of-passion sort – a gay man who stabbed his lover twenty-one times, a husband who walked in on his wife and best friend. There are even the “cold-blooded” and remorseless – the “I wish I could have killed her twice,” the “he should have gotten out of my way,” and the “I didn’t give it much thought, really.” In my time in a cell at the penitentiary I’ve met a lot of them, some of every sort. You can’t tell by looking – I know …


Eric Lee is a writer whose work has appeared in Blank Spaces, F(r)iction, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Ten Stories Down. He is learning to slow down enough to watch the clouds go by. He loves and is inspired by his awesome family.

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