Tears stream from the sky
Like rain, slyly. The eyes of
The clouds, crying. And the
Blood-rimmed mouth of the
Suspect bleeds with confession
And the blood goes drip drip
Drip on the table and runs down
Into the sewers where poisoned
Rat bodies might lie …

* poem, in its entirety, is available in the printed version of the current issue


Mazzy Sleep is a 10-year-old from Toronto who began writing during the pandemic. She has written over 1,000 dark fantasy/horror poems and short stories, as well as two feature screenplays. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hawai‘i Pacific Review, the Margins, Jellyfish Review, and Lunch Ticket’s Amuse-Bouche series. She was commended by 2021 T.S. Eliot Prize winner Joelle Taylor in the Waltham Forest Poetry Competition.

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