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The Nuremberg Chronicle
          -  Art, Artifact, and the End of the World

Sharday Mosurinjohn & Richard Ascough

Fall 2020 - The Nuremberg Chronicle


As he traced initials in the dust, H.B. thought of Zadig, Voltaire’s honest and fair-minded philosopher of ancient Babylonia whose life was an implausibly long series of sudden reversals of fortune seemingly beyond his control. Having risen to the rank of prime minister, he had the misfortune to fall in love with Astarté, the Queen no less, and felt obliged to flee the country in order to shield her from the King’s wrath. After countless adventures, he returned to Babylonia where he chanced upon a woman writing the name “Zadig” in the dust …


 Sharday Mosurinjohn and Richard Ascough are both professors in the School of Religion at Queen’s University where they co-taught “Religion and Art.” They have co-written “The Blog Assignment: Confronting ‘Spirituality’ in Teaching Religious Studies” (https://religiousstudiesproject. com/2018/06/14/the-blog-assignment-confronting-spirituality-in-teaching-religious-studies/) and “Desiring, Departing, and Dying, Affectively Speaking: Epithymia in Philippians 1:23” (https://www.bibleandcriticaltheory. com/issues/vol15-no1-2019/vol-15-no-1-2019-desiring-departing-and-dying-affectively-speaking-epithymia-in-philippians-123/).