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OK Boomer, Show Us Your Moves

Glenn Arthur Sweazey

moonwalking … I’m dreaming of moonwalking …
kinda like Michael Jackson, I guess,
only not so silky smooth,
I’m shuffling backwards ’cross the stage of time
when some millennial in the crowd calls out, “OK Boomer” …

guess we’ve had that coming
I mean, too true,
we Boomers pretty much left one god-awful mess
more than half a century partying on our parents’ dime,
glacier retreats
signal the freezers are all but cleaned out
and records, they’re spinning
as floods and droughts play on …

I’m moonwalking,
minus Michael’s glove, his shiny black shoes
just a pair of old runners and faded jeans …

odd thing about this moonwalking,
once I’d hit life-speed
round the turn to 65
the physics changed ....

* poem, in its entirety, is available in the printed version of the current issue.


Retired from teaching high school English, Glenn Arthur Sweazey lives in Ottawa. His writing often blends poetry and prose to paint narrative canvases.