Cold froze the river to a wind-brushed plate
and we arrived to play the silver sheet,
our forum the wide floor of the ravine.
We scattered to the ice on sharpened skates,

the harbour swarming. Saturday’s escape
was games at every stretch up from the bridge
that jumped the traffic of our scrimmages,
the icy gorge the garden of our play …

Poem, in its entirety, is available in the printed version of the current issue.


Hamish Guthrie’s first book of poems, Love Hurries This, was published by At Bay Press in 2022. His poems have appeared in more than 30 magazines and journals in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, including the Yale Literary Magazine, the Malahat Review, the Fiddlehead, and the Dalhousie Review. He lives in Oakville, Ontario.

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