Summer 2022 - Seven of Diamonds, Six of Hearts


They say wherever you are on this planet, whatever country you may find yourself in, pantomime is the traveller’s default lingua franca. And all children love magic – love its theatrical sleight of hand. It’s a baffling mystery. In my left hand I held the fanned deck of cards. In my right, I offered her the seven of diamonds, the six of hearts …


Marc Levy was an infantry medic in Vietnam and Cambodia in 1970. His work has appeared in New Millennium Writings, Stand, the Comstock Review, Bosphorus Review of Books, CounterPunch, and elsewhere. It is forthcoming in Calliope. His website is Medic in the Green His books include How Stevie Nearly Lost the War and Other Postwar Stories and The Best of Medic in the Green Time.

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