Spring 2024 - Strange Sleeps I've Had


My first memory. I’m lying down in a chest of toys, during playtime in kindergarten. A girl’s face looks down on me, a girl with dark, straight hair. She watches me wake to a world I’m suddenly awkwardly aware of. Her name’s Tisha, and she and her family would move away before first grade, and I wouldn’t see her again until high school drama class. Tisha, my playmate from when I was five years old, the only living witness of my first strange sleep. Miraculously, she remembers me too, but only vaguely, as a funny caricature. She remembers me as the girl who fell asleep in a box …


Emily R. Zarevich is an English teacher and writer from Burlington, Ontario. Her work has been published by various magazines and websites, including JSTOR Daily, the Calvert Journal, Russian Life, Oh Reader, and Inspire the Mind

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