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Excerpts from Spring 2019 Issue

Surviving Ourselves

By Thomas Gerry

The book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century is not so much a conclusion to a series as a pause to reflect on the issues raised by Sapiens and Homo Deus. In all of these lucid, superbly written books, Harari says that his role is not to provide answers but to formulate ways for thinking about crucial developments...

Stories of Our Lives

By Todd Hoffman

Throughout his career, from his unheralded bar band days to superstardom, Bruce Springsteen has understood the true meaning of the word concert, to plan or act in mutual communication - he knows that it isn't about performing to a passive audience...


Photos by John Barron

The art that I have created always reflects me at various points in time - a visual journal, I suppose. It hasn't been consistent in style, form, or technique. I strongly relate to...

The Golden Hour

Paintings by Michelle Reid

Drawn to contrasting light and shadow, vanishing viewpoints, bright and plentiful colour, and "the golden hour" of sunlight, Michelle Reid finds inspiration in both nature and urban scenes of the city...