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He's Gone, But ...

By Christopher Clausen

Donald Trump’s own share of the record high 2020 turnout was actually larger than in 2016. Almost half the voting population, some 74 million who voted for him in spite of everything, can’t be credibly dismissed as a fringe group.

Cicada Time

By Ginny Ryan

There was a time when I loved the autumn; its melancholy suited me. The thought of death was not yet personal; the sadness of dying things only made each day more vivid and more beautiful.

Honeymoon Phase

By Susan Flanagan

I remember the Old Colony, a 1950s dance hall on Portugal Cove Road, less than a kilometre from where we grew up on Bell’s Turn in a 1,300-square-foot house built by my father using cinder blocks pilfered from the Pinetree Line Cold War station at Red Cliff.